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Make it iconic.
Choose France.

In France, we're not just like everyone else. And we think you're not, either.

We believe that everyone can do things their own way. Everyone can make an impact. Because what moves people is what they really remember.

Because it's the only way we can move forward. Because we cannot resign ourselves to a future written by others. Challenge the status quo. Choose unexplored paths. Aim for the extraordinary as you shatter the ordinary. Elevate the present and inspire future generations.

Kylian Mbappé

World Cup winner, at 19. Age is just a number.

Sophie Adenot

Aspiring Astronaut - masterful Helicopter Test pilot. Dreams beyond horizons.

Mory Sacko

World-renowed French Chef - culinary norm-breaker. Inspiration makes magic happen.

Fanny Moizant et Sophie Hersan

Changemakers in Fashion - pioneers in pre-loved clothing. Unicorns don't exist only in fairy tales.

Victor Wembanyama

A basketball virtuoso - taking boldness to new heights. Mastery shapes legacy.

Roxanne Varza

Leads the world's biggest startup campus - activist for women in tech. Diversity drives progress.

Thomas Pesquet

Space Station commander - environmental activist. Protecting our planet is not optional.

Tour Eiffel

312m of steel, symbol of the country of elegance. Charm is an attitude.

Antoine Dupont

The greatest rugby player in the world. Started out in a tiny club. Greatness is in the mind.

Mont Saint-Michel

A 1000-year-old abbey - A world heritage site. Forever timeless.

Philippe Starck

Avant-garde creator - Democratic Designer. Functionality is elegance.

Marie-Amélie Le Fur

9 Paralympic medals at 30 - learned to run again in 4 months. Willpower has no limits.

Yann Le Cun

AI pioneer - Fought against all odds since day one. Intelligence needs resilience to succeed.

Notre Dame de Paris

A 12th century architectural masterpiece - endured the test of time. Rising again from the ashes.

Anne-Sophie Pic

Most decorated female chef – explorer of bold flavor combinations. Curiosity feeds creativity.

Nina Métayer

A world class pastry chef - a creative businesswoman. Excellence without borders.

Choosing France is banking on boldness, innovation, the passion for expression and skill.

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Invest in France

France is a land of daring character and excellence, committed to a thorough transformation of its industry, for the world of tomorrow.

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Explore France

Take a walk, visit a city, roam the country, go sailing. There are many ways to discover France. An invitation to journey, with one destination: the French spirit.

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Cultivate a daring mentality

Culture is every day, year-round: everywhere. France supports artists and actively participates in culture around the world.

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Become a partner

Let’s support, finance and accelerate transitions to a fairer and more sustainable world. France is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Taste our gastronomy

Good produce and authentic taste are the essence of our identity, and we are passionate about them. Let’s reinvent the cuisine of the future.

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