Accessibility Statement


This accessibility statement applies to the site Choose France.


The site Choose France ( is partially conformant with the general accessibility improvement standard, RGAA version 4.1, due to non-conformance and waivers listed in the section “Test results”.

Test results

The conformance audit carried out by the company Access42 revealed that the site is partially conformant (75,51%) with the RGAA version 4.1.


  • Images that provide information do not have a text alternative;
  • Decorative images are not correctly ignored;
  • One captcha does not appear;
  • Some scripts are not accessible to assistance technologies;
  • Some tags are used for the purposes of presentation;
  • The structure of some documents has errors;
  • The tab order is not logical when form is confirmed with error.

Establishment of this Accessibility Statement

This statement was established on 20 October 2023.